A few photography blogs to follow to get going

A few photography blogs to follow to get going

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In this manual you will discover some knowledge into the world of professional photography and how to make it into a career.

If you think you're a fantastic photographer and you realize you are continually taking pictures, you may want to get more serious about photography. You may be potentially interested in making money from it, or simply taking it up as a hobby to do frequently, but in either case you should understand some photography basics for beginners and a few ideas and tricks that will be insightful in the foreseeable future. There is something for every person out there, and based on your interests you can find a sort of photography you will be fascinated in – look at what Levon Biss does and discover some inspiration to begin your photography journey and learn more.

We have all took photos, or at least attempted to, at some point in our life. It's really easy presently, as every individual owns a device with a digital camera, so it just comes natural to capture the moments we want to remember. However, that may not be enough for some people: if you’re aiming to practice more and become familiar with different equipment and styles, you may want to follow some basic photography lessons and courses and practice with various devices. Firstly, you should discover what inspires you the most – could be portraits, landscapes or abstract imagery. Whatever it is, go with it as an inspiration to grow and develop your passion. A very good way to figure out what you want to take photos of is to consider what your passions and interests are. If you enjoy traveling, you can start by being a travel photographer, and taking inspiration from Alex Aaronson. In the same way, if you’re into sporting events you can attempt action photography. There is something out there for anyone!

Any qualified photographer will tell you that there is no single road to get into photography, whether you’re interested in making it into a profession or simply a hobby. You will discover so many ways you can get started – to avoid big expenses at the beginning, you should try it out with your phone or with a video camera you currently own, and view if it’s worth buying more equipment in the coming years. Firstly, you should understand the basic principles of photography and a couple of rules you will continuously utilize – you can do so by finding best online photography courses, participating in workshops or purchasing books with guides. Follow the work of Jan Erik Waider to see what kind of photography you may be interested in. While, over time, the rule will be quality over quantity, for now you should focus on practicing as much as you can and taking photos of everything that interests you to see what you are good at.

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